I have been a Licensed and Certified massage therapist since 2008. I graduated from Apollo College in Boise Idaho, and have completed continuing education courses in pre-natal massage, lower body myoskeletal re-alignment and pathology.

I moved to Boise from California when I was 18 years old. My passion for massage started at an early age. My mother is a personal trainer so I grew up with a focus on health and wellness. It has always been clear that massage therapy is my calling.

Working with different therapists over the years taught me many massage skills that have equipped me with the tools to help accomplish my goal - the massage my clients deserve every time.

During my time in the massage therapy field I have worked hard to build a loyal client base through my consistency, reliability and quality of treatment. I cannot give my clients the massage they need unless they communicate with me. It is extremely important to listen to my clients.

After providing a good massage treatment I feel satisfied and fulfilled knowing that I have positively impacted someone's day and facilitated their body’s healing.



Multi-Pack Special: Clients can purchase 3-packs of massages at a discount. I currently offer a 3-Pack of 60-minute Massages for $200 as well as a 3-Pack of 90-minute massages for $300

$60 - 60 minute New Client Web Special: I offer a discount for first time clients. They must mention seeing this special on the web site. This applies to new clients only. No other discounts may be applied.

Referral Program: I offer 30 minutes of free massage to any existing client that refers a new client. Please contact me for details.

Loyalty Program: I give a free massage to clients after every 10th full price massage. Please ask me for your loyalty tracking card.

Please check the Wek Massage Facebook page for seasonal specials and promotions.


There are several general massage types: Swedish, Deep tissue, Hot Stone, etc. My goal is to use one or more of them in each session, customizing the massage to each client.

Long flowy strokes, light to medium pressure, generally used for relaxation.
Working out knots and tight muscles, deeper and more specific pressure, generally used for pain management and injury treatment.
Using hot stones during the massage strokes. These can be integrated into any treatment, releasing tight muscle tissue with heat rather than deep pressure. Also used for relaxation.
Side lying with cushions to make pregnant women comfortable, avoiding contraindicated areas and focusing on areas of chronic pain related to pregnancy.
Treatment preparing for an athletic event or recovery from an event. Involves stretching, joint mobilization and increasing blood flow.
You may hear terms like medical and orthopædic massage from your healthcare provider. These massage modalities often use the above mentioned techniques.

+ Why Massage?

Massage is an ancient and proven therapy to relieve stress, pain, and discord that has manifested in our bodies. Maintaining your body on a regular basis with massage therapy is a proven way you to help your body to perform at an optimal level and improve the quality of everyday life.

+ What kind of massage should I get?

My goal is to customize the treatment to the individuals preferences. There are multiple massage types that may be employed. These are explained in the Types of Massage section of my web site. I like to use one or all of them during a session in order to facilitate the body's healing. When we discuss your treatment you will help me understand which massage types to use.

+ How will I feel afterwards?

Relaxed and satisfyingly tired is a common feeling. If I have worked a particularly tense area you may have some mild soreness for a short period afterwards. If you have lingering pain from your massage please let me know so that I can adjust the technique at your next visit. Staying hydrated after your treatment will help to flush out the toxins and encourage muscle tissue recovery.

+ Are there medical conditions that I should discuss with my massage therapist?

You should always discuss any medical conditions or surgeries with your massage therapist. Communication is very important to protect you and your therapist and ensure proper treatment.

+ Must I be undressed?

Your modesty level is completely respected. The majority of clients receive treatments while they are unclothed. You undress privately to your comfort level. You then lie down and cover yourself on the table with a sheet before the I return to the room. This keeps you warm and comfortable. During the session only the body areas being worked are exposed, and you are modestly draped the entire time.

+ Should I tip?

As with any service tipping is at your discretion. If you enjoyed the session and wish to leave a tip, 10-20% is customary.

+ How often should I get a massage?

Monthly is the most common frequency. If we are treating an injury or other chronic pain, more frequent sessions may be called for. Massage is a great stress reliever and can be an excellent escape from a difficult day. Many studies have shown devoting time to your well being with massage can reduce tension and pain, improve your circulation and flexibility and help you get a good night’s sleep. Please call to book an appointment at 208.922.0346.